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The workshop was really enjoyable, I am looking forward to going to the European Youth Parliament Conference to practise the skills I learned. (?dil Kop, Grade 9 student, FMV Özel Ayaza?a I??k Lisesi)
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ESU Turkey has successfully organized the ESU Public Speaking workshop on the 24th and 25 of January with the help of ESU debating and public speaking squad from London.

The “Discover Your Voice” workshop on the 24th was held both in Darü??afaka Schools and FMV Özel Ayaza?a I??k Lisesi and included 150 students and 20 teachers. The workshops were mainly for students who were new to debating and public speaking. They gave necessary training to teachers to be better equipped to teach public speaking skills to their students. The interactive trainings also gave an opportunity to the students to learn and practise basic skills of public speaking through a series of games and activities.

The workshop mainly aimed at developing some important skills of students such as clarity of expression, critical thinking, listening and response.

Furthermore, the workshops gave everyone a chance to stand up and speak. During the break times the teachers had the chance to discuss some simple and effective ways to teach debating and public speaking both inside and outside the classroom with the mentors.

On the 25th a general workshop was given to students and their teachers coming from 12 leading schools in Turkey. Participants took part in some group activities and practised their public speaking skills.

In the afternoon of 25th, the workshop was followed by a one-to-one coaching for the competitors of ESU Turkey IPSC nationals finals and their teachers. Students also had a chance to meet the ESU mentors for one-to-one coaching. Mentors listened to the students’ speeches, and gave feedback on how they could develop their speech further. The mentors answered their questions and provided helpful tips to the competitors. By the end of the session, each competitor had a clear plan of what they needed to do before the competition.

ESU Public Speaking Squad visit (24-31 January 2011)

24 January Public Speaking Workshop at Daru??afaka

24 January Public Speaking Workshop at FMV Özel Ayaza?a I??k Lisesi

25 January Public Speaking Workshop for all participating schools (at HSBC Turkey Head office)

26 Januray Debating workshop at Robert College

27 – 31 January Eurasian Schools Debate Championship